Research and Apply

  • Underbody Flexible Positioning System


AUTOMATE Underbody Flexible Positioning System owning the feature of high accuracy,high efficiency ,high flexibility and conv modern automation industry,is an indispensable equipment in the efficient automatic manufacturing.
  • Precision

    The equipment used is familiar with Germany synchronized manufacturing technology and reliable form of rotary indexing table.It can be controlled in 0.02mm,repetitive precision at 0.03mm.

  • Efficiency

    With 4 units rotary indexing,the adjacent position switch takes only 2.2seconds,maximum position switch takes only 6.2 seconds,switching time can be completed during transfer between stations,not take the production cycle,make the flexible production efficiency.

  • Flexible

    The installation with 4 units rotary indexing standard is located not less than 120mm,Z-Direction is not less than 30mm.Except the 1line 4flexible positioning system,according to customers’ demand, personalized custom 2,4,5,6,8,10 positioning system, provides the best solutions for our customers in reducing cost also in increasing efficiency.

  • Convenient

    We provide professional design in the most convenient operation mode.All operations can be done via HMI. HMI sets 2 languages, English and Chinese. Also it can provide PROFINET and INTERBUS, the Data communication modes, using implementation of IP67 components control I/O signals, ensure the reliability of the system.