4 years ago

Shanghai Volkswagen item excellent supplier honour


In this harvest season, it brought a precious gift to AUTOMATE—an pennant about SVW project excellent provider.(Picture from left to right is SVW Senior Manager Body Shop PU Project Car Plant Yizheng Zhu Junhao, AUTOMATE Site Manager Wang Xin, SVW Planner TMKB Guo Jianhua.)

Recently, it mentions in the commendatory letter of SVW Yizheng branch cooperation TFYB NF Body Shop that “It is worth learning that AUTOMATE TFYB3 Team, our supplier, up to site manager, down to the workers has good attitude and high team awareness since March 2015.”

As SVW on AUTOMATE evaluation, regardless of heat or cold, AUTOMATE are always not afraid of pain, not afraid of travail, not afraid of trouble, think of customers, urgent to customers in need, helping customers solve questions to meet their needs. AUTOMATE also ensure the achievement of every point of the project successfully. AUTOMATE adhere to the business philosophy that “All customer value in mind”.